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Workflow Analysis for the Independent Business Owner

Workflow Analysis for the Independent Business Owner

If you are an entrepreneur, chances are you like to do things your way and control every aspect of your business.  The problem with that is unfortunately you cannot be an expert at everything.  If you are a good entrepreneur, you have likely hired consultants to perform work you are not qualified to do.

Why should it be any different with your management of IT?  If you are still working with the same tools and processes you’ve been using since 2005 you are very likely wasting 50% of your day on tasks that could and should be automated.

If you manage projects using Microsoft Outlook (or any email client) and invoicing with Excel or Word, you are wasting time.

If you don’t have a current website that is easy to update, you are missing out on leads.

If you aren’t harnessing social media like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, you are likely not engaging with your clients in ways that the most people depend on for information regarding your company.

If you think doing all of these things sounds overwhelming, contact Miller Consulting and let us show you how much time you can save and how many more customers you can reach.