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The Long Game

The Long Game

Several months ago, we had a client contact us with an issue we have seen damage companies time and time again. “I have a new manager and he wants to change the software we use. His previous employer utilized Software X and he said it is so much better than our current software. He wants us to implement it immediately. Are you familiar with Software X and should we make the change?”

This new manager wanted to revamp the way things were done with new software and, in turn, new hardware and processes. Many companies do not understand the impact IT has on their business. Those that do understand know how important it is to contact a consultant prior to making any substantial changes. Wisely, the company’s owner contacted us for consultation services prior to moving forward with any significant changes.

Through the years we have found that, “so much better” usually means, “I’ve used it forever and it’s what I’m familiar with.”

The first thing Miller Consulting Hawaii does when establishing a relationship with a client is perform a comprehensive analysis of the IT infrastructure. As a result, we learned that the company was heavily dependent on their software. It was the foundation for all their processes – management of inventory, purchasing, marketing, sales, employee records, and so on. We worked with the company to complete a root cause analysis and were able to identify and clarify specific areas of concern and need.

As is often the case, what appeared to be a ‘software’ problem was actually a ‘people using the software’ problem. We were able to identify clear solutions which required little cost for implementation and develop effective training for staff. That’s how Miller Consulting Hawaii makes a difference. We analyze all the ways your company interacts with its technology and identify ways to:

  1. Maximize the use of your current technologies and infrastructure OR
  2. Properly implement, replace, and transition to a new solution with a minimal amount of disruption.

In the end, the new manager left the company after six months. The software he wanted to replace had been used by the company for seven years. Can you imagine the impact of ripping out entrenched software, paying thousands of dollars for new software/hardware, and developing and instituting extensive training for the new systems just to have the manager leave after six months? The owner’s decision to contract with Miller Consulting Hawaii saved his company a great deal of money, time, and chaos.

Miller Consulting Hawaii is committed to ensuring your company has and functions at the highest level of profitability and productivity. Remember, technology is only as effective as the user is proficient.


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