Kaneohe, Oahu

Category: Hawaii

The Long Game

Several months ago, we had a client contact us with an issue we have seen damage companies time and time again. “I have a new manager and he wants to change the software we use. His previous employer utilized Software X and he said it is so much better than our current software. He wants…
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Workflow Analysis for the Independent Business Owner

If you are an entrepreneur, chances are you like to do things your way and control every aspect of your business.  The problem with that is unfortunately you cannot be an expert at everything.  If you are a good entrepreneur, you have likely hired consultants to perform work you are not qualified to do. Why…
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A beginning in paradise

While Hawaii has a lot going for it, one thing it is lacking is experienced IT consultants. Our culture, lifestyle, and environment function in a unique way — one that mainland companies can not understand. Miller Consulting, LLC – Hawaii was created and grew organically from talking story with friends throughout Oahu. Listening to the…
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