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Remote Education

Remote Education

I started designing courses for remote learning in 2000. I was a IT professional at the time but had gone to college to become a teacher. My boss asked me one day, “Didn’t you go to school to be a teacher?” After I told him yes he asked me to start the new-hire training program for our growing company. I jumped at the chance to blend my love for technology and teaching into one job.

Most of the new hires at this company lived all over world so I had to create something that would work world-wide. I took my IT background and designed a remote learning platform based on the open source software called Moodle and combined it with some remote video software by Apache Software foundation and ended up with a teaching and delivery system that cost the company nothing outside of my salary and some server hardware.

Once the technology was done I went to work creating curriculum and courses. Needless to say the process wasn’t painless but during that time I learned new skills, honed old ones and learned to think about how to best deliver learning to people that could only communicate through a screen.

That was 8 years ago now and I’ve taken all I learned to the next level and now create e-learning courses for a company with just over 2000 employees. When COVID-19 hit in early 2020 I was even tapped to create a few videos for our customers to teach them how to adjust to some new procedures the company was implementing.

It has been an adventure in learning and if you think the experience outlined above could help your learning or small business needs, contact me and setup a consultation.